Code Compliance Issue

/Code Compliance Issue

“I should have had the WETT inspection done BEFORE buying my home”.

A fireplace is such a desirable asset when purchasing a home. As a purchaser, you can imagine yourself enjoying the warmth and ambience as you sit by your fireplace or woodstove with family and friends.

When you walk through a […]

July 21st, 2015|Chimney Sweeping, Code Compliance Issue|0 Comments

Aluminum liners

Aluminum liners, while legal for use with gas appliances, may experience several problems. They are not durable and can corrode (or be chewed) easily. The photo shows a hole in the raincap, likely chewed by a squirrel. There was […]

December 27th, 2011|Chimney Damage, Code Compliance Issue|0 Comments

Chimney Restoration of the week

This chimney services both a wood-burning fireplace and a gas furnace and water heater. The damage, as shown in the photo) was caused by two things.

The gas flue is lined with clay tile, which is not water-tight. Moisture venting […]