Restoration of the week

This chimney services a wood-burning fireplace. When the flue was last swept, it was discovered that the seventh flue tile from the top was badly cracked. This is fourteen feet down from the top. In order to comply with […]

August 18th, 2011|Chimney Damage|0 Comments

Historical chimney restoration

We recently completed two chimney restorations with a historical look. Three chimneys on one house and two chimneys on a second house .

In the first case, the homeowner provided a photo from the early 1900’s and asked us to […]

August 1st, 2011|Chimney Damage|0 Comments

Annual Sweeping Program Has Started

If your system requires an annual sweeping, (and it does if you burn wood three times a week through the burning season)

Join the Annual Sweeping Program and we will freeze the price of sweeping your system for three years!

The […]

April 12th, 2011|Chimney Sweeping|0 Comments