Chim-Scan Video Inspection

Chim-Scan Video Inspection

The Chim-Scan Video Camera allows us to accurately inspect the inside of the flue.

The inspection procedure involves

  • Sweeping the flue in order to remove soot and creosote and other obstructions.
  • Insert camera into flue and completely examine all sides of the flue from top to bottom with the camera only centimeters from the flue surface.
  • Everything the camera sees is shown on the monitor and photos are taken of all damaged and questionable areas.
  • A written report is prepared, including all photos, detailing the results of the inspection.

Accurate information is important for making decisions about a chimney.

  • If you are a homeowner installing a stove.
  • If you are considering re-lining your chimney.
  • If you need to know the condition of your chimney for peace of  mind,  then you can rely on our video inspection service.

The Chim-Scan camera allows us to show you these problems in your chimney, if they exist:

  • Cracks & holes in flue liners.
  • Broken or missing flue liners.