Top 5 Reasons Why a Fireplace or Wood Stove will Spill Smoke

Getting smoked out of a room because of a smoky fireplace or wood stove is not pleasant. Here are reasons why it might be happening and ways to prevent it from happening again.   The flue is obstructed with: [...]

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“I should have had the WETT inspection done BEFORE buying my home”.

A fireplace is such a desirable asset when purchasing a home. As a purchaser, you can imagine yourself enjoying the warmth and ambience as you sit by your fireplace or woodstove with family and friends. When you walk through [...]

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6 Great Reasons to Have Your Chimney Swept Now Instead of the Fall.

Save money by having your chimney swept in spring or summer! Take advantage of the discount we offer when you have your chimney swept now instead of the busy fall season. Besides saving money, it will be one less [...]

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